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Learning to sing and learning to dance are very similar:

1. Vocalise

2. Sound out phonemes

3. Join phonemes into syllables

4. Join syllables into words

5. Construct sentences

6. Perform through singing

1. Movement

2. Exercises

3. Ballroom actions

4. Figures

5. Choreography

6. Competition, medals & displays

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Posture & Position ▪ Strength & Flexibility ▪ Movement & Timing ▪ Musicality & Timing

Welcome to the Ballroom Physique video cast channel where we will be exploring all the skills we would go back in time to teach ourselves. This channel is targeted to students that have been dancing for at least one year, lack confidence, feel stuck with their progression or would like to revise their technique. We hope to ignite a sense of curiosity, understanding and application rather than simply dancing through your routines day in, day out.

Teaching the brain is easy. Teaching the body is difficult. Our approach breaks down complex movements into five minute bite size exercises to train the body. Each cast covers one topic (exercise, ballroom action, figure, choreography, performance). What is hard to find online is easily digestible tips and tricks on how to dance. This won't replace your classes and lessons, but will supplement and help guide your learning.

We hope this channel serves as a portal to a new dimension of learning and a reference to come back to when you are having trouble.

Time to practice

A note on training

A glacier is a slow moving river that carves and moves mountains. How?

One snow flake is weak and powerless. The secret is many snow flakes over a long time.

For success I highly encourage building these exercises into your weekly routine. Brushing teeth, waiting in a queue, sitting in a chair, walking down the shopping aisle. These are great training opportunities that won't take time out of your busy schedule and will add up to hundreds of hours over the year.

Imagine what mountains you could move!

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The Ballroom fuh-zeek channel is available via a monthly subscription. This will require creating/signing in to an Orchard's member account as well as using a PayPal account for the monthly charge. New content will be added weekly. Ask us a question or suggest a topic in the form below and we'll post a cast video on it!