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4/12 Selhurst Street, Coopers Plains, Brisbane, QLD

social dancing

Congratulations on getting ready to take your first steps! You'll make some great friends and create great memories. We have studio members helping out if you are coming on your own (no partners are  required) or are welcome to dance with your partner all night if you wish. We offer both beginner and advanced groups on the night so you can comfortably progress  at your own rate. However, if you are anxious about starting, a couple of private lessons are a popular way to guide you along. Classes are run over six week blocks. The Monday class covers two routines and we delve into some fundamental technique and give you lots of practice to music. The Friday class covers two simple routines each fortnight to get you dancing quicker to the music so you can enjoy lots of music time and not worry too much about the technique.

Please wear smart casual with a pair of comfortable shoes that will stay on your feet (for safety please don't wear thongs, slip on shoes without any backs or shoes with a plastic sole). We recommend you bring a spare pair of shoes in case the first pair feel too slippery. You will be surprisingly active, so dress comfortably and bring a towel and water.

We offer eight half seasonal blocks through out the year. Below is a list of their dates and dances we cover.

Group Dance Classes for 2020

Daytime Ballroom Taster

This is a taster class running on all Tuesdays in March


Beginner to Intermediate

12 to 1pm, $10 per person per casual visit

Learn the Waltz and Jive


Zumba with Jane! Excellent fitness and cross-training to  improve musicality, stamina, improvisation, strength and flexibility.

Wednesdays 6 to 7pm

Latin Technique Class

This is an ongoing class occurring every Thursday

Intermediate to advanced

6:30 to 7:00pm

Please contact Amy Sharrock on 0413 043 042 to ensure availability

Short Courses

We have just recently run a series of New Vogue, latin and Viennese Waltz  Classes. Stay tuned for the next short course release.

LGBTIQ Ballroom Dance Class

Sundays 16th February to 5th April (8 weeks)

4:30pm to 5:30pm, $120 per person for eight week term

LGBTIQ dance classes at a community friendly competition dance studio. Come for fun, fitness, and new friends, or jump into the sparkle and fun to compete for your studio in the year round competitions. Also a great activity to do with your partner to improve your relationship.
Excellent teachers and an inclusive atmosphere at Orchard’s. Come and join us! $120 for 8 weeks.


Dancing FOR KIDS

Ballroom and Latin dancing is very beneficial for the development of children.  We currently offer the following classes tailored towards children:


Orchard's Dance Studio Kids Class 2020

Contact Bec to make a booking on 0422 967 267.                

          TERM 1   Sunday Children's Classes       

Children's Beginner Class

Sundays 2:00-2:45pm

Children's Competition Competition Class

Sundays 2:45-3:30pm

2nd Feb – 29th Mar

Casual visit: $15 per child

Term booking: $90 per child (9 weeks), no makeup classes permitted

          TERM 1   Friday Children's Elite       

Children's Elite Class

Fridays 4:15-5:00pm

7th Feb – 3rd Mar

Term booking: $90 per child (9 weeks), no makeup classes permitted

50+ Ballroom Dancing In Brisbane

Ballroom dancing is extremely beneficial to all ages. It is particularly important the older we get since it helps keep the body functional on so many levels: Strengthening, Balance, Coordination, Socialising and Musicality. The Orchard's team recognise this and offer ballroom dance classes target specifically to over 50 years.


50+ Classes at Orchard's Dance Studio

Classes in 2020

                             Stay tuned!

Brisbane City Council GOLD Program 2020

The Growing Older and Living Dangerously continues at Orchard's and is brought to you by Brisbane City Council.  It is FREE for Over 50's.  

Wednesdays 12:30-2:00pm

Pineland's Lions Hall, Runcorn

5th Feb - 19th Feb

6th May - 20th May