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social dancing

Our Monday and Friday night classes are a great way to learn to dance and get fit, as well as meet new people.  Our dances are offered in 6 week Seasonal blocks, so take a look at the timetable below to see what is coming up next!

Please wear smart casual with a pair of comfortable shoes that will stay on your feet (for safety please don't wear thongs, slip on shoes without any backs or shoes with a plastic sole). We recommend you bring a spare pair of shoes in case the first pair feel too slippery. You will be surprisingly active, so dress comfortably and bring a towel and water.

Group Dance Classes for 2024

Ballroom dancing in Brisbane at Orchard's Dance Studio

Dance is a great way to learn a new skill and meet new people at the same time. Our group classes focus on learning the basic Latin and Ballroom dances, as well as partnering skills, floorcraft and musicality. These classes will give you the confidence to get up and dance at a wedding or special event.

Group Classes explained

Beginner (Mon 8:00-8:45 pm)– These classes are designed to start from the very beginning. Use these if you are a first time dancer, or if you are an intermediate dancer wishing to brush up on your basic technique.

Intermediate (Mon 8:45-9:30 pm) – During these classes we assume that you have an understanding of the beginner steps, and we go beyond this to look at new figures and areas of technique. Suitable also for advanced dancers wishing to brush up on your technique.

Advanced (Fri 8:00-8:45 pm)– During these classes we introduce you to a range of different figures and teach these at a slightly faster pace than Monday nights. It is assumed that you have an understanding of common basic figures in each dance.

Social Dancing (Fri 8:45-9:30 pm)– Practise what you have learnt in our group classes! This is a chance to get on the floor with our staff members and other learner dancers and dance the night away! Open to beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers.

Technique Group Classes

These classes are suitable for Intermediate and Advanced Social Class participants. They are a great opportunity to pick up a routine in these dances, which can be used for social dancing, medal tests or Recreational competitions. There is also a greater focus on technique in these classes. No partner required.

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Drills & Technique

If you want to improve your skill level and become a competent dancer, these classes are for you. We focus on footwork, partnering, posture, position, movement and floorcraft. Suitable for Intermediate and above. There is no requirement to have a partner or a routine for these classes.

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Synchro Classes

These classes are a perfect way to get involved in performance or competition if you don't have a partner. Synchro is dancing in a group with all participants performing the same steps. If you are keen to get involved in Synchro please let us know, as we are looking for participants in the age categories of Juveniles, Juniors, Adults and Masters in both Standard and Latin.


Guided Training

Guided Training is a great way to build technique, stamina and floorcraft!  It's a must for DanceSport competitors, but social dancers are also welcome to join us.

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Social Dancing - Swing
Group Classes

Dancing FOR KIDS

Ballroom and Latin dancing is very beneficial for the development of children.  We currently offer the following classes tailored towards children:

Orchard's Dance Studio Kids Class 2024

Due to demand we have added more kids classes this year, to accommodate different dance styles and ability levels.

Under 8's and Beginner Classes are for children who are new to DanceSport. We teach the basics and work on musicality and partnering.

Elite Classes are the next step forward from the Beginner Classes, and they are designed to prepare children for DanceSport competitions. As we have two teachers in each Elite Class, we are able to work with both Intermediate and Advanced levels.

All Kids Classes are guided by a Principal Professional Coach who is accredited with DanceSport Australia.

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Elite Class extra weeks.jpg
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Kids Elite.jpg

50+ Ballroom Dancing In Brisbane

Great friends when ballroom dancing in Brisbane at Orchard's Dance Studio

Ballroom dancing is extremely beneficial to all ages. It is particularly important the older we get since it helps keep the body functional on so many levels: Strengthening, Balance, Coordination, Socialising and Musicality. The Orchard's team recognise this and offer ballroom dance classes target specifically to over 50 years.

Social Dancing - 50+

Daytime Dancing at Orchard's

Join us on Wednesdays for

Daytime Dancing!

Teaching Class


Social Dancing


$12 per person

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