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Wedding Dance

We want to help you celebrate the beginning of your wonderful marriage with specially tailored wedding dance lessons.
For your wedding dance, you can choose your music, your style and your level of difficulty. We'll tailor the choreography to suit your ability.  Popular dances are: 
Traditional waltz – Rhythm foxtrot – Romantic rumba – Perhaps an up beat quickstep or jive!


Not sure what you want? We’ll help you!! decide!

Take note of the size of the dance floor and where you will be entering from.  In your lesson we will show you how to perform your wedding dance with that size floor so there are no surprises on the night.

Romantic wedding lessons in Brisbane with Orchard's Dance Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

How many wedding dance lessons do we need?

You can learn a basic routine in one or two lessons.  If you’re run off your feet with wedding preparations and don’t have time to practice, you might need a couple more for confidence.  For those that are adventurous to learn some tricky steps or want a choreographed routine to their favourite special song, you might need five or more lessons. We can give you a close estimate during your first lesson.

Can my bridal party join in?

Definitely!  The lesson price covers up to four people with a small additional charge per extra person.

What do we wear to our lesson?

It is important to bring the shoes you will be wearing on the night so you can get used to dancing in them.  Dress comfortably and bring a towel and water bottle.

But we’ve never danced before!!!

Most couples attending their first wedding dance lesson have never danced before.  You’ll have fun with the challenge and surprise yourself that you actually don’t have two left feet!

I can't decide on a song!

Here is a short list of popular songs to get you started:

Everything Michael Buble

Just The Way You Are Billy Joel

Come Away With Me Norah Jones

It Is You I Have Loved Dana Glover

A Thousand Years Christina Perri

When You Say Nothing At All Ronan Keating

Wonderful Tonight Michael Buble

Wedding dance performance at The Wedding Collective in Brisbane
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