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We want to help you celebrate the beginning of your wonderful marriage with specially tailored wedding dance lessons.

For your wedding dance, you can choose your music, your style and your level of difficulty. We'll tailor the choreography to suit your ability.  Popular dances are: Traditional waltz – Rhythm foxtrot – Romantic rumba – Perhaps an up beat quickstep or jive!


This deluxe wedding dance lesson voucher is for five 45 minute lessons. Validity of the voucher is 12 months from the date of purchase. Pre-bookings are essential - we will make our best effort to cater for your prefered time. Early bookings will have better availability, late bookings will be subject to remaining availability.


Please bring your wedding shoes or a pair of comfortable shoes that will stay on your feet (for safety please don't wear thongs, slip on shoes without any backs or shoes with a plastic sole). We recommend you bring a spare pair of shoes in case the first pair feel too slippery.

Deluxe Wedding Dance Package

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